KYRGYZSTAN – the country of JYrgalizm


The JYrgalizm (in Kyrgyz, these words mean happiness) model describes a new  lifestyle in which happiness is the main meaning of human activity. Its construction is based on the philosophical principle: "Happy is not the one who is rich, but the one who is happy is rich!" In it, all the material aspects are necessary not for abundance, but for self-sufficiency. This allows a person to live in harmony with himself and the world around him.

This model is focused on building a lifestyle in which everyone is happy in their own way and everyone is happy in unity! CULTURE was chosen as the only priority, as a measure of humanity in a person. This allows in every area of ​​human activity (from ecologists to politics) to introduce the culture of JYrgalizm, as respected rules of dignified behavior in society, in which they believe, are carried out voluntarily and with pleasure.