Software AG representative office in Russia and the CIS since 1994, and in 2005, Software AG is present in Russia in the form of the Russian company "SAG Systems RUS", which is a 100% owned subsidiary of Software AG and the successor

"Open Kyrgyzstan" information-analytical project, which for seven years gained a reputation as an authoritative source of information, conductor intellectually environment, an expert in the areas of transparency of decisions. The purpose of the project - implementation of public policy in an open society, to discuss the most pressing social, socio - economic problems, and alternative ways to solve them.

"SBDC sonsult" - a professional, stable, keeping up with the time consulting company that has been in business in the Kyrgyz market since 2001.

School of Public Policy - is an educational outreach projects, created with the support of the Dutch International Development Organisation (ICCO), based on analysis of the consortium organizations in Kyrgyzstan, whose goal is to create an environment conducive to the practical work of people in civic initiatives and enhance their political awareness and consciousness, to drill participation in social and political activities, developing the ability to listen, analyze, and persuade.

Centre for Social and Economic Research in Kyrgyzstan (CASE - Kyrgyzstan).