Promotion and development center


Legal status – public Association


Creation date – February 7, 2007


Mission: Integrate existing analytical capacity and create new opportunities for institutional advancement and development consulting services.


Main objective:

  • Complex impact on the promotion and development
  • High performance, the legitimacy and validity of research results
  • Focus on results
  • Effective communication
  • Timely and targeted dissemination of results
  • Accountability and financial discipline
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation

Strategic directions and programs:

  • Strategic planning
  • Improved management
  • Trade Promotion
  • The introduction of innovations

In the area of strategic planning center provides services to develop strategies through formation of the following stages

  • Defining and structuring problems
  • Project planning
  • Review the capacity to implement
  • Defining strategic goals and objectives
  • The choice of strategic direction
  • Design of policy and its implementation
  • Development of policy alternatives
  • Detail of policy options
  • Evaluation of policy options

In addition, the training provided strategic skills in people management and project management stakeholders and communications, structuring ideas, building the evidence base, cost-effectiveness analysis, and implementation planning.

In the area of ​​improving the quality of management are developed and implemented modern management techniques. Based on the functional analysis of the legal entities provide recommendations to optimize their structure, business processes, strengthening of human resources, increasing knowledge. Use innovative methods to improve the management cycle by identifying the needs and challenges in the management, policy development and the development of instruments for its implementation, design a plan of action and the process of its implementation, as well as ensuring the quality of monitoring and evaluation. By the component trade promotion, work for domestic companies to search for and evaluation of potential markets, assistance in the promotion of goods and services to foreign markets, trends in world trade. Services are also available to build and streamline the supply chain of goods and services, the introduction of cluster methods of production, promote the implementation of standards and quality procedures, access to information database of world trade WTO plans to promote exports.

For innovation analyzes international innovation market, the commercialization of domestic scientific research, demand analysis of domestic enterprises in the new technology, the introduction of innovative projects in the domestic market. The center provides to establish business contacts, provides access to information databases, as well as help with the negotiations.

The quality of work provided by the Centre through the implementation and compliance with the criteria and standards of quality.

Center's production meets the following requirements:

  • Meet customer expectations
  • Setting goals, the ability to achieve them and the expected results of the research are determined at an early stage of the order process with the customer
  • Characterized by urgency, rigorous evidence base, corresponding to the existing problem and needs
  • Carry clear recommendations for the implementation of development and solution of case problems finding concrete ways to implement the proposals developed
  • Clearly explained and understood by the customer
  • Monitor and evaluate the effects of short-term and medium-term

Communication and dissemination of research results:

  • networking with other organizations and entities to influence policy
  • capacity building and skills as a researcher, and the customer
  • exchange information with all potential customers
  • the formation and development of a network of research institutions
  • market expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation